Quality Thermax Insulation by Dow

Thermax Insulation is the perfect solution to any insulation needs. The primary use of Thermax Insulation is for construction. It is used as an interior finish for ceilings, walls, wood posts, concrete, attic insulation or masonry buildings.

Thermax Insulation is made by Dow Chemical Company. This company, which has started two decades ago, has provided agricultural, energy, transportation and infrastructure products. Dow Chemical is present in 160 countries. One of the infrastructure products that Dow Chemical produces are the Dow Thermax Insulation products.

Advantages of Using Thermax Insulation

There are several advantages in using Thermax Insulation. These are:

1. It is water resistant. There are several other insulators that are available but the edge of Thermax over these insulators is that it is water resistant. It serves a dual purpose of preventing water from getting into the building while insulating it from heat and cold.

2. It is lightweight. Weight consideration is also important in constructing a building. The lighter the material the lesser the overall cost. Using lightweight material makes it also easy to work with.

3. It is easy to use. The insulation material provided by Thermax is easy to use as compared to cellulose insulation. The Thermax Insulation Board can be easily cut with a pair of scissors or just a knife. Working with it is not much a chore.

4. It has high resistance to heat. The Thermax Rigid Insulation Boards have high resistance to heat flow. This means energy saving and a more durable insulating product.

5. It is an all-weather product. This Thermax product is resistant to acids, organic compounds, hydrocarbons, alcohols, other chemicals and even paints. It is able to withstand changing weathers and harsh climates.

6. It is eco-friendly. Thermax Insulation is made from biodegradable materials, which is the reason why it poses no harm to the environment.

7. It is affordable. All Thermax Insulation products are reasonably priced while maintaining the highest quality in manufacturing standards.

Thermax Insulation Products

  • Light Duty. This Thermax product is a tough option for light impact areas and can be installed exposed on the interior side with no barriers. Its finish is a 1.25 mil embossed white with aluminum sheet coated in thermoset on both sides. It has strength of 74 psi and can be pressure-washed with up to 1000 psi at a 3-foot distance.
  • Heavy Duty. On one side of this Thermax Insulation board has a 3.4 mil embossed white thermoset-coated aluminum and on the other side, a 1.25 mil embossed aluminum. It has strength of 145 psi. This one is a good choice for moderate impact areas.
  • Heavy Duty Plus. This insulation product for US commercial use has a finish of 16.5 mil embossed white thermoset-coated aluminum sheet that is laminated to 1 mil on both sides. It has strength of 106 psi made for use in high impact areas.

Thermax Insulation products are the best choice for any construction needs. These products can be bought at any retailers and distributors that are certified by Dow Chemical. However, there are countries like Canada and Mexico that do not sell Thermax Polyisocyanurate Insulation. Check out the official website of Dow Chemical for the list of countries where Thermax is available.